Jean Bolot

I study mobile networks, their users, and the data they generate

I lead the Research Group of Sprint, located in the San Francisco Bay Area at the northern tip of Silicon Valley. I work with a wonderful group of colleagues and academic collaborators. Our goal is to understand the performance and the economics of the mobile Internet, and the behavior of its users. Our research focuses on areas at the interface of mobile networking, data mining, and economics.

Before Sprint, I was a founding team member of Ensim, a Silicon Valley startup in the area of virtualization and data center automation software. Before Ensim, I was a visiting professor in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, visiting professors Randy Katz and Steve McCanne, and a researcher at INRIA in France.

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What's New

Research - Papers and Talks

My main areas of research include mobile networking, data mining, and economics. My approach throughout my career has been to combine measurements (both active measurements e.g. using probes, and passive measurements e.g. using Call Details Records CDRs in cellular networks) with mathematical modeling.

Mining large scale cell phone data: social networks, location and mobility, spectrum usage

Network measurement: theory and practice

Economics of networked systems

Economics of security

Wireless security

Resource allocation in the Internet

Application-level resource allocation: adaptive voice and video over IP

Current research collaborators

  • Francois Baccelli (ENS Paris): Economics of the mobile Internet, stochastic geometry, sampling
  • Hao Chen (UC Davis): Security of cellular networks
  • Christos Faloutsos (CMU): Data mining, social networks
  • Marta Gonzalez (MIT): Mining of cell phone location data
  • Matthias Grossglauser (Nokia Research)
  • Marc Lelarge (ENS Paris): Economics of security, epidemics, diffusion models
  • Jure Leskovec (Cornell): Data mining, social networks
  • Sridhar Machiraju (Google): Data mining, cognitive radios, wireless security
  • Bruno Ribeiro (UMass): Fisher information, theory of network measurement
  • Mukund Seshadri (Sprint): Data mining
  • Ashwin Sridharan (Sprint): Data mining
  • Don Towsley (UMass): Information theory, Fisher information, theory of measurement
  • Darryl Veitch (Melbourne University): Information theory, performance modeling
  • Adam Wolisz (TU Berlin and UC Berkeley): Dynamic spectrum management, cognitive radio
  • Daniel Willkomm (TU Berlin): Dynamic spectrum management, cognitive radio
  • Tao Ye (Sprint): Information theory, deletion channel, wireless security
  • Hui Zang (Sprint): Mobility modeling, triangulation and localization

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